Good Eats: Easy Zucchini Recipe


I didn't realize how much I liked zucchini until I found a no-fuss way to prepare it. In general, I don't like to spend a ton of prep time on my food-- I've got so much on my plate, i'd rather not waste too much time preparing my own! Luckily, making tasty zucchini is a breeze.
PREP TIME: 10 Minutes
COOK TIME: 12-15 Minutes



1 Whole Zucchini
Whole Wheat Panko  (1/2 serving = 15g OR 1/4 Cup)
One Whole Egg (yolk included)
Pam Non-Stick Cooking Spray
Your favorite spices!
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Large Baking Sheet
2 Small Bowls
Fork or Small Whisk
Cutting Board + Knife
Aluminum Foil (regular or non-stick)


1. Cut & Measure

Slice your zucchini to desired thickness. Keep in mind thinner slices will cook faster.

If you're counting your macros, weigh your zucchini after it's been sliced.  

In one bowl, crack your egg
+ whisk until blended

In the other bowl, measure out  1/4 CUP (15g) of whole wheat panko.



I like to cover my pan with non-stick aluminum foil, matte side up.

Spray your foil lightly with pam

I've still struggled to get the zucchini off the pan in one piece using just pam or foil. Feel free to use one, or both as I do. Whatever works!


3. DIp & Place on Pan

Dip each slice of zucchini into your egg mixture. Cover well. 

Place your coated zucchini on your prepped pan. Arrange them closely- keep 'em tight together. 

If you have leftover egg mixture after you're done arranging, drizzle the remaining over your zucchini.


4. Add your spices

Now is the time to sprinkle on all that flavor! Feel free to use whatever spices you'd like. My favorites are: 

Black pepper, crushed red pepper, salt, garlic powder, & paprika


5. add your panko


Lastly,  sprinkle your 1/4 CUP (15g) of whole wheat panko accross your zucchini. Be sure to keep the crumbs concentrated over the slices.

Hopefully by now the oven is hot, cause we're ready to get toasty!


6. Bake 'em & wait

Slide your zucchini into the by now toasty oven, heated to 350 F.  

Bake for 12-15 minutes

Very thin sliced zucchini will need only 10 minutes. 


7. Plate & enjoy!

We're done! Spatula a heap on to your plate with a protein, and you've got a balanced meal.

I LOVE to top mine with low fat cheese + tomato sauce + ground beef for zucchini Parmesan. 

Get creative & enjoy!

How did you enjoy your zucchini?

Comment your suggestions and tips below!