What is included?

PERSONALIZED WORKOUTS | Personalized 3-5 day monthly workout programs, tailored exactly to you and your fitness goals. Includes weight training & cardio regimens. This program is perfect for those who are self motivated but need some guidance. Take the guess work out of your workout! 
EASY APP ACCESS | Workout programs are updated with ease using the app Trainer Fu
NUTRITIONAL GUIDANCE | Personalized calorie & macro nutrient recommendations to fool-proof your path to success. Harness the power of nutrition to change your body! Food log required.
COACH CHECK-INS | Monthly video and/or phone check-ins with your coach to monitor progress, answer your questions, and keep you motivated on the journey to your goals.
REMOTE COACH SUPPORT | Amanda wants to do her best to support you throughout your fitness journey; text your coach to celebrate victories, hold yourself accountable, keep you motivated, or to simply ask for protein powder recommendations. 

NO START-UP FEES  | No hidden start-up fees, no strings attached, no contract involved.

EASY PAYMENT OPTIONS | Paypal, Venmo, & all major credit cards accepted. All credit cards are charged using Square. There is a $2.75 processing fee for all credit card payments.

How do I get started?

Fill out the registration form to the right > > > > > > > > Amanda will contact you within 48 hours to verify your registration. In the meantime, complete the additional instructions below:

"Start-Up" Phase

Your 1st week will be your "Start-Up Phase". This is where all the necessary data is collected to create your custom workout program & macro nutrient recommendations. While you wait for coach verification and payment processing, get started on your food log & before photos. This data is crucial to your transformation. **Your month long term will begin after the initial "Start-Up Phase"**

  • 4-5 DAY FOOD LOG | Use a food tracking app like MyFitnessPal or Fat Secret to begin tracking your daily food intake. Do not make aggressive changes to your diet. Eat as you always have, tracking as accurately as possible using measuring cups & spoons or, better yet, a food scale. Try to be as accurate as possible. 
  • "BEFORE" PHOTOS | Take one full body front, one back, one right side, & one left side photo. Wear minimal or form fitting clothing (ex: a bikini, shorts/sports bra, swimming trunks, etc). Natural or bright lighting is best. Use neutral poses or flexing poses that are easy to replicate. 

Email your coach!

 Send your completed food log & photos to