NASM Personal Trainer


I've been around the block a time or two when it comes to transformations. I've been technically obese, fat, skinny, and now, fit-- something I'd never imagined for myself, honestly! As i'm writing this, i'm sitting at 150lbs, though my weight doesn't matter the same way it used to-- a beautiful thing by itself.

At my known heaviest, I was over 224lbs pounds. Why do I say "over 224lbs"? The truth is, I was pretty traumatized after I stepped on the scale and saw 2-2-4 glaring at me. At the tender age of 17, I was vastly out of touch with my body and, apparently, my nutrition. I'd eat whole pints of ice cream for a midnight snack multiple days a week. With my anxiety and depression, I was a heavy emotional eater. Food was comforting and readily available when I was bored or depressed. Furthermore, I prepared a lot of my food on my own at an early age-- what fifteen year old is going to make a well balanced dinner? Buffalo tenders and ample blue cheese with a strawberry milkshake to balance out the spice. Needless to say, I was seriously misinformed.

Never having felt comfortable in my own skin to begin with; discovering my inflated weight propelled me down a path of viscous self-loathing, anxiety, and depression that would linger for years to come. I struggled with self image perpetually, often times buying women's muscle magazines, hoping to conjure the will to commit to a workout program--hoping i'd have the discipline to transform they way they had transformed themselves. If it was possible for them, why did it feel so impossible for me? I'd continue buying the magazines, continue to wish upon the stars, but the willpower to initiate a change was nonexistent still. Thankfully, it was only a matter of time! 

It wasn't until the age of 20 I began to make a deliberate effort to lose weight, mainly as an attempt to feel better about myself. Again, I don't really know where I began from because of my scale trauma-- I literally ignored the darn thing, almost in denial of my physical reality. Vegetarianism combined with walking to and from my Boston college classes helped slowly shave off the weight, bringing me to around 170lbs at 22 years old. 

At this point in my life, I found my way back to my martial arts roots, enrolling in adult martial arts classes & becoming a tae kwon do instructor. As a child I studied WTF tae kwon do daily for--literally--4 years. Teaching classes, sparring, kickboxing, stretching-- I suddenly had so much activity in my life! Inspired to take more control of my life, I began rigorously dieting. Through severe calorie restriction and way too much freakin' cardio, I hit my all time lowest weight-- 129lbs. 

Even typing that is... c-r-a-z-y. 

Want to know what's even crazier? I still wasn't happy with myself!  All I had ever wanted for my body, was to NOT be fat, yet here I was, "skinny", blind to it, and still very unsatisfied. 

And so, in the spring of 2013, I stepped into a gym with the intention of becoming a super hero, with the intention of saving myself, with the intention of loving myself. It's been one hell of a journey, an honestly, I don't think i'll ever be "done". Today, I can say, with 100% integrity, that I love my body. What's more, my mind & thought process have also undergone some pretty incredible transformations, something I hadn't anticipated when I started this journey. I still struggle with anxiety, but these days I see it as more of a super power than a flaw--

--perspective really does make all the difference. 

It took me almost a decade. 
But it happened.
One day at a time. 
One choice at a time. 
One workout at a time. 
I took my power back. 

And so can you. 

I'm here to help you realize that you have everything you need inside of you RIGHT NOW to change your life. You can take your power back. You can change your life.You can succeed at your goals.

All you need to do is make the choice. 
So make it.